Graham Whatley,
Louisville Business Attorney

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Louisville Business Attorney Graham Whatley applies more than 25 years of General Counsel experience in business, government and regulatory law to provide comprehensive legal support to Louisville companies, from start-ups to 2nd or 3rd generation businesses that can also benefit from Graham’s extensive estate-planning, probate and international government experience.

Graham takes a business’ strategic objectives into consideration as well as their comprehensive legal needs, understanding that today, air-tight protection of company’s trademark and intellectual properties are critical to their survival as well as their competitive edge, and often their ability to be first to market.

Graham’s business-law services include all aspects of forming a business, from company by-laws and articles of incorporation, to filings with the IRS and other governmental organizations, contract writing, and a full range of general counsel services. 

Key Components of Graham Whatley Business Law

Licensed to practice law in New York and Kentucky, Business Attorney Graham Whatley uniquely applies his listening skills and creativity to ensure that clients’ comprehensive concerns are represented across all of his work from regulatory compliance to litigation strategy, when necessary. “You’re like no other attorney I’ve ever met,” says one of his clients who didn’t expect a lawyer to be as personable, compassionate, attentive and creative as Graham.

“You’re like no other attorney I’ve ever met.”

Graham Whatley Client