Louisville Accident Attorney

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Because of Graham Whatley’s extensive experience in guardianship and probate law, he has consistent work in the practice of accident and injury law.  It is more nuanced than a simple fender bender. It is the significant type of life-changing and tragic “accident” which happen to people every day in hospitals, motor vehicles, the workplace or in utilizing tools around the home, and for which they have suffered serious harm including broken bones, brain injuries and even death.  These events forever affect the quality of their life and/or the lives of those they love, and who depend upon them.

Loss management compensation, settlement and/or engagement with insurers and litigation, as well as financial management of the proceeds received in settlements, are all within the purview of Graham Whatley and for which he has been successful.  Graham is not a personal injury mill, but he represents real people, helping to directly manage tragedies in a heartfelt and compassionate manner while zealously fighting for his client’s rights and settlement of their legitimate claims for redress.