Louisville Estate Planning Attorney

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Graham Whatley, a Louisville estate planning attorney as well as an estate-settling probate lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, has helped many families manage all aspects of estates, from Wills and Trusts to Guardianship.  Graham has never lost nor forgotten the compassion, patience and feelings he experienced in personally facing such travail.  He gets it, and he can help you resolve estate-settling issues in the least amount of time and most effective manner.  

Estate Planning is personal, which means you need an estate planning attorney who not only has the experience and education to know and practice the law, but who you can trust with the most personal details of your life. An Estate Planning Lawyer can often be a life-long relationship which not only grows stronger as long as you are living and constantly revising family details, but also following your death, with that relationship then appreciated by your loved ones as insight into your preferences for settling and management of your estate.

Preparing Wills & Trusts

Your Will or Trust isn’t the only element of an effective Estate Plan, but it is usually the core of an Estate Plan, providing the central direction for distribution of assets and estate management, but also containing any needed reference to peripheral documentation, such as Guardianship, property deeds, living wills, bank records, and these days … links and passwords for online accounts and even social media profiles.

You need a Will and Trust Lawyer who does more than fill in the blanks of a template probate petition. Graham Whatley provides the comprehensive Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship and Elder Law experience you need to ensure that your Wills & Trusts are effectively cross-referenced with all supporting documents.

Asset Protection

For executives and high-net-worth individuals, asset protection is a critical component of estate planning. Trusts, annuities, insurance and corporations are just some of the assets which need to be considered and protected as part of an estate, with their documentation secure for ensuring legal transfer as desired in the event of death.

Philanthropic Giving

Philanthropic Giving is an important and enduring part of estate planning which can offer tax advantages to loved ones as well as benefits to the beneficiary’s charity or organization. If you are interested in including charitable contributions in your estate planning, and still seeking input for the most enduring impact to a community or population, Graham Whatley can help you review charities for best-performing transparency of fund management, tax benefits and intended impact for the contributions.

Digital Documentation & Storage

Estate management is greatly improved by technology today. Using a paperless system, and archiving all previous paper documents to digital files, Graham utilizes technology and modern data systems to organize and distribute information safely to all involved parties, reducing hassle, time and risk of losing documents while keeping everyone informed.